• Commonly Asked Questions That A Tusla, Okla Criminal Attorney Can Answer

    In Oklahoma, criminal defendants must review their rights with their attorney and determine what defense is most suitable for their charges. All defendants have access to a criminal defense based on the circumstances that surround the crime for which they were charged. A Tulsa Okla criminal attorney provides answers to common questions about these proceedings.

    Do Officers have the Legal Right to Question You?

    The officers must provide all criminal defendants with their Miranda Rights before the officers ask any questions. The catch 22 of this is that the officers are supposed to question defendants with their lawyer present; however, the officers will make attempts to get information anyway. It is up to the criminal defendant whether or not they answer any questions that the officers ask, but they are within their rights to remain silent until their attorney is there.

    If a Case is Dismissed is It Removed from

  • The Aspiring Gentleman: Fashion Advice for Men

    One of the things that many men are searching for is a way to be well put together or at least to be perceived by others as being well put together. However, with all the things that are necessary to achieve this, it can leave a man confused on how to accomplish such an endeavor. There are many details, from relationships to careers to grooming tips a man might encounter, and all of these things can feel like a lot to take in. Fortunately, The Aspiring Gentleman is a resource that can bring all these efforts into laser like focus and help a man better himself not just for his own personal satisfaction, but for those close to him as well.

    Helpful Fashion Tips

    One area that many well meaning men tend to miss the mark on is fashion, especially men with a few years under their belt. It’s sometimes …

  • Don’t Let Nursing Home Neglect Go Unpunished

    Neglect in a nursing home is different from abuse. Neglect is considered a substandard of care or a breach of duty by the caregivers who are entrusted to care for the patient. Caregivers who commit neglect should be held accountable for their actions. In addition, the caregivers should have known their actions were foreseeable. Intention harm to a patient is considered abuse. If neglect or abuse occurs, the caregiver and nursing home should be held accountable for their actions. In some situations, neglect or abuse can lead to the wrongful death of a patient and a lawsuit can be filed against the negligent party.

    Signs of Abuse

    Abuse can be blatantly obvious or it can be very subtle. Rough handling in or out of a wheelchair, use of excessive water pressure, pinching or elbowing a patient when they’re handling them are subtle forms of abuse. Common signs of abuse include …